Couple Discovers Suitcase, Soon After The FBI Knocks On Their Door

Today we’re going to introduce you to a young couple that was renovating their house. Renovations took them down to their much-neglected basement. As they were tearing it apart they found a suitcase that would completely turn their lives around. This little discovery would end up being the first in a row of discoveries that would eventually lead to a disturbing truth and a full-scale investigation by the FBI. If you are in the mood for suspense, you do not want to miss this story.

Hard At Work

As the couple moved downward to renovate their basement, they knew they were going to have a challenge on their hands. The walls were full of graffiti, the ceiling was drooping and the woods beams were warped.

Whilst the basement didn’t look like much, they would discover in that room something that would change their lives forever. Something that would be extremely positive and very, very bizarre. Don’t miss out on this story.

Hidden In The Rafters

As the young couple tore down their ceiling piece by piece, they saw something hidden perfectly in the rafters. It was an old suitcase and obviously, someone had gone far out of their to way hide it there so perfectly.

The homeowner stopped working and removed the suitcase from the rafters. He then called his wife from upstairs and the two marveled over the case. What would be inside? They could even imagine what that old case had in store for them.

The Case In Question

Something was definitely intense about such a nice case. The case wasn’t big, but for its small size, it was quite heavy. Ideas turned in their mind as to what might be inside that old green suitcase. They had to open it and find out what was inside.

Before doing so, they agreed that it’d be better to open it outside as the contents could have been anything and they didn’t want it to damage the house in any kind of way. It would have actually been wiser to open it inside the house away from watchful eyes.

Guessing Games

They were of course very excited over the contents in the case. It’s not every day that you discover a random suitcase. That said, before they opened it and found nothing inside, they wanted to prolong their excitement and decided to play a guessing game.

They guessed that it could of contained a number of great things like old pictures, documents and even relics like sports cards. Guessing aside, it was time for them to discover what was inside and they opened it up.

Mystery In Wax Paper

At first glimpse, the couple didn’t see anything that would appear significant. They found three rectangular shapes wrapped in wax paper. They felt let down by the contents to begin with. They thought they really had something special for a moment.

The contents behind that wax paper drove the couple into a world of absolute excitement. They just needed to find out what was there. They began tearing the paper. What they would find would surely turn their world upside down.

Cold Hard Cash!

What they found was something remarkable. It was cold hard cash in the form of twenty dollar bills. That said, these bills were much older than the ones we deal with on a daily basis. The homeowner later told the newspapers,

“These are all twenties! There may be a couple thousand here! We are freaking out at this point. This doesn’t happen to us! What do we do? Where are the cameras?” That was the reaction to one bundle, they had two more to unravel.

Cash Flowing In

The man described what made up the two other bundles. He said, “The second package didn’t have any twenties. It was all fifties! What is going on here? There could be 5 grand here! Wait! The third package is 100s! This is out of control!”

The money came with an array of questions. Where did it come from? The bills looked like they were from the 1920’s and 1930’s. How old were the suitcases? Would there be more money hidden in the house? They would eventually find out.

Old Headlines

Beneath the bundles of cash was a hint that would answer all their questions regarding the age of the suitcase. What they saw was a copy of The Cleveland Plain-Dealer, the paper for the town that they were currently living in.

The paper in question was dated March 25, 1951. This meant that the suitcase before them had been in hiding for 65 years. The couple wanted to know how much value money that old can have in our modern society.

Their Earnings

Wanting to know if their money was worth anything, the couple contacted a lawyer. Some bills were star bills that had never been circulated and all the currency was over 70 years old. Luckily for them, the lawyer let them know a positive truth about the money.

Apparently, it’d be worth more now, approximately $23,000. The homeowner posted a closing message on Reddit with the idea that his wild ride was over, but little did he know it was really just all beginning. Things were about to take a startling turn for the young couple.

A Second Case

Over time the excitement died down and they went about their business renovating. Then the husband discovered what would appear to be a second suitcase. He brought it down and took a deep breath. He was hoping it’d be identical to the first one.

He looked around and wondered if he’d discover other mysteries with this home which was built within the 1940’s. As it would turn out, he would be in for a number of amazing surprises. These were just the beginning.

What Was Hidden Inside

He refused to open it on the spot. He knew the right thing to do would be to wait for his wife to come home from work. She would definitely want to be there to see what the contents of the second case with her own eyes.

As he waited for arrival, he pulled out his handy camera and snapped a few photographs of the two cases together. He began wondering if the second case would contain a bundle of green joy like the first suitcase or be empty.

Beautiful Bills

The couple snapped open the second case together and immediately discovered that they were thousands of dollars richer. The money wasn’t wrapped in a delicate wax paper this time, but instead, it was lined up in a very organized manner.

The big question on their mind was how much money was in the case and what other surprises awaited them. Their minds wandered in every which direction as they laid in bed that night. Just what secrets were in the place they called home.

Rolling In The Dough

The case had more money in it than the first. They had just instantly earned themselves an extra $45,000. The couple felt absolutely blessed. That said, they weren’t going to blow the money on boats, cars and other things of luxury, they were going to put it towards their home.

Little did they know, this second case was going to bring them closer to more mysteries, ones that would eventually call for the FBI. One just doesn’t find that kind of money lying around without there being something shady attached to it.

Secret Passage

These little surprises resulted in the young couple looking at their house with a new perspective. Thinking there might be more secrets hidden they began searching areas of the house they had often times overlooked.

They discovered that what appeared to a utility access panel ended up being a secret passageway to a hidden room. This would be the biggest secret yet. This would lead them into a Pandora’s box of memories which could never be erased.

Hidden Room

What they discovered wasn’t a utility access panel, but an entire room that could fit inside a number of people. The floor was covered with multiple carpets. There were also aging light fixtures inside. Something was definitely weird about this room.

It was obvious to them that the room hasn’t been used in decades. They wondered about its purpose and why someone would need a hidden room and what used to happen in the room. They felt a little uneasy about the room.

More Discoveries

While discovering money and hidden rooms can be a riveting experience, it also caused the couple some concern. They had been living in the house for several years and these discoveries were hitting them in an odd way.

The man cautioned his wife to stay behind and he delved further into the room. On the other side of the room was another door. This new door was different as it was fastened with a lock that would prevent anyone from entering. What could possibly be sitting on the other side?

Breaking Down The Door

Despite any mystery that might have been waiting behind the door, he knew that he couldn’t turn around now. While heavy-duty locks can be tough to break, he had more than enough tools to break through it.

His curiosity would soon see him come face to face with a very shocking secret. What would it be? Was he headed for treasures beyond his wildest dreams or something beyond his wildest nightmares? Wait till you get a load of this.

Something Strange

The man knew almost immediately upon opening the door that something was definitely strange about his home. The surprises were sure fun, but for several years he had thought that he knew his home. Looks like he was dead wrong.

Firstly, one must take into consideration that the room was soundproof and covered in a white plastic tarp. There were also some artifacts from a time gone by. This is enough to send a shiver down anyone’s spine. What was the purpose of this room?

His Discoveries

The first artifact that the man found in the room was a brown briefcase. The biggest surprises would be awaiting him inside. Would the couple end up discovering more money in the case or perhaps something more amazing?

Perhaps they would end up discovering something unpleasing to the eye. That said, it could also be something that would amazing. Perhaps something from a time long gone by or a lot more money.

Amazing Relics From The Past

The couple didn’t waste anytime and immediately opened the case. What they found inside were some relics from the past. It held two old watches, two rings, four silver ingots and dozens of envelopes that were stuffed with cash from a variety of foreign countries.

Everyone wondered why someone would leave all these precious things behind. With that, the couple would discover something more and it wouldn’t be pretty watches or currency. You wouldn’t believe what this couple found next.

Hidden Safe

The brown briefcase wasn’t the only thing that the couple found. Hidden in the furthest corner was a mysterious safe. If they basically left the money lying around, what would he find in a safe? Obviously, this something they wanted to keep secret.

Given the odd room that was soundproof and covered in plastic, the man began to get the idea that the safe would hide something strange inside, perhaps a secret he wouldn’t want to discover. Something that would make them feel extremely awkward. Who would think to find something like this in their own home.

Save Yourself

The man began wrestling the safe open and when he finally flung open the door, he was welcomed with a note that simply warned him by saying, “Save yourself.” The man began to feel extremely uneasy and we absolutely cannot blame him for it.

Was this a warning to him and his wife or was this just some kind of sick joke. Things were about to take a very horrible turn for this young couple, so horrible that the authorities would have to get involved.

A Second Warning

As he delved deeper into the safe, he saw a warning inside that said, “Do not.” Below that he saw an array of old videotapes. He felt pretty awful about the situation and could feel an awful feeling in his gut. The person who left these behind didn’t want these to be watched.

The man slowly began the removing the tapes from the safe. Should he watch the tapes or just leave them be? Perhaps they would reveal the big secret about the hidden room. The man didn’t know what to do. Sometimes we have to walk away from these situations.

Unmasking The Truth

The man studied the tapes. Oddly enough, the tapes seemed older than the two suitcases he found in his and older than anything in the briefcase. The labels on the tape reveal practically nothing of what they would reveal.

They were simply labeled as 194, 1195, 11195, IV, 95, V. The discovery was too strange for him and he decided he would dig any deeper. He tried putting them out of his mind but the called at him night and day and eventually, he decided to unravel the mystery.

Playing The Tapes

After spending nights tossing and turning and dreaming about those tapes, the man finally decided that he had to play them and he brought them out. He popped the tape into his VCR and pressed the play button.

The scenes displayed before him were images he’d truly never forget. They were something completely out there. Just what did that man see on those old tapes? We’ll never know what he saw, but we know that he’ll never erase those images from his mind. He had to call the authorities.

FBI Involvement

The man didn’t get through the first tape. He turned it off only a few minutes and immediately contacted the FBI. They showed up almost as quickly as he called and removed all of the tapes and launched a full-scale investigation.

The young couple’s renovation, of course, had to be paused as their house was filled with agents. Nothing further has been released to the public and the world has been left in absolute speculation. We perhaps may never know the truth behind those tapes.

Looking Over The Home

Their once quiet block where it seemed that nothing bad could happen was suddenly stormed with police cars, FBI agents and event fire trucks. The authorities were taking no chances with such a case like this. The tapes had to be taken away and studied.

The young couple had no say in letting the authorities in. They didn’t care if they had anything personal laying around. These officers weren’t asking to come in, they were making the demands. We can only imagine how fragile the couple felt.

Unearthing Evidence

They tore the basement apart and surveyed every square inch of the place. There was nothing the couple could do about it. They even went into their beautiful backyard and began digging up the garden. They told them nothing of what they were doing.

They even questioned the couple during an extensive interview that went on for hours. Their faces were stoic and conveyed no expression. A conclusion has still yet to be made in regards to the tape found. Who knows when this thing will wrap up.