Eco-Friendly Hotels Around The Globe

Do you love to travel but hate the carbon footprint you leave behind every time you do? There are hotels out there that can help lessen your guilt. Check out the hotels that let you continue your sustainable lifestyle while on vacation.

Tri (Sri Lanka)

travelfuntu - tri sri lanka

On the shores of Koggala Lake, in Sri Lanka, is the Tri resort. The resort is tucked away in the jungle giving you the ultimate feel of isolation. With lush “living walls” a person can become one with the hotel’s natural surroundings. Each villa has green roofs, solar hot water and is fitted with decor and furniture made from recycled materials. Enjoy sunbathing on you sunset-facing terrace, take a dive in your private plunge pool, or release your energy at the treetop yoga studio.

1 Hotel South Beach (Florida)

travelfuntu - hotel 1 south beach

Miami’s South Beach has become a hot spot for tourists. With amazing food, beaches, and nightlife, it has everything a young traveler, including an eco-friendly one, might need. 1 Hotel South Beach has committed itself to sustainability and luxury. Each room is fitted with natural elements such as hemp-blend Keetsa mattresses, repurposed woods, and driftwood lighting. Designers did not miss a details, as little things such as hangers constructed from recycled maps and glassware made from old wine bottles are also included in the rooms.

Thala Beach Lodge (Australia)

travelfuntu - Thala beach lodge

Thala Beach Lodge is seen as one of the most eco-friendly hotels in the world. It has received the highest possible accreditation of eco-tourism awarded to hotels. Here, guests can feel completely emerged within the surrounding diverse ecosystems. Not only can you live amongst the lush greenery, but the hotel takes it one step further. Guests have the opportunity to be involved in local nature rehabilitation. Other activities offered include natures hikes and birdwatching.

Six Senses Con Dao (Vietnam)

travelfuntu - Six Senses Con Dao

Located in the archipelago islands, Six Senses Con Dao is committed to sustainability and relaxation. The resort is dedicated to multiple programs in order to improve the environment around the hotel. The hotel has agreed to fully protect the bay area in front of the hotel as well as educating guests and locals about becoming environmental conscious. Each room is created using sustainable materials with a design focus on maximizing air flow to reduce the need for air condition. The hotel offers a variety of outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing and scuba diving.