5 Great Travel Destinations No One Plans To Visit

Every day, countless people hop on their favorite search engine and type something along the lines of “Top Vacation Destinations.”  There’s nothing wrong with that. After all, those locations have the reputation of a top travel destination for a reason. However, there are a LOT of great travel destinations that won’t show up on any “Top” list. Granted, these destinations aren’t for everyone, but if you have a sense of adventure and don’t mind taking a path less traveled, these 5 destinations may be just right for you.


There are a good number of people who can’t point to Kyrgyzstan on a map and even more who would never consider vacationing there. But if you have a nomadic soul and gravitate toward more outdoorsy trips, this mountainous country could be just what you haven’t been looking for. Ninety percent of the country is covered in mountains, and the locals are more than happy to help you in your travels by guiding you on treks and sharing their homes.


We’re not talking about the Peach State here; we’re talking about the Republic of Georgia, the gateway country between Asia and Eastern Europe. The residents of this country are incredibly hospitable and social, the landscape is covered in beautiful mountains and the food is to die for.


This South American country is often passed over as tourists opt to visit the countries around it. While Peru, Chile and Argentina are great destinations in their own rights, Bolivia offers plenty of features for travelers prone to the paths less traveled. The landscape is amazing, full of gorgeous lakes and salt flats. Plus, Bolivian wine is every bit as good as what you’ll find in Chile and Argentina.


If your travel destinations are usually rich in history and culture, Ethiopia is an excellent choice. You’ll find cultural sites that pre-date Christianity, amazing mountains that you can hike and food that is guaranteed to be some of the most delicious you’ll ever experience.


Colombia has gotten a bad rap over the years thanks to Pablo Escobar and his drug empire. But the country has gained a lot of stability over the past several years and it’s becoming far more accommodating to tourists. That’s a good thing, too, because there aren’t many places in the world where you can experience ancient ruins, rainforests and both the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean.