Europe’s Epic Hiking Trails

Exciting climbs, breathtaking scenery, and towering heights can describe the many hiking trails spread throughout Europe. To rivers to mountains, trails across Europe encapsulate everything a hiking junkie is looking for – adventure, challenge, and beauty. Here are some of the most epic hiking trails in Europe.

Tour De Mont Blanc, France

Distance: 105 Miles

Mont Blanc is the tallest mountain in the E.U. However, it is not just known for its peak but rather the breathtaking valleys that lie below. The Tour Du Mont Blanc doesn’t actually scale the mountain but rather circumnavigates it. Therefore, the trail not only takes you through France but also Italy and Switzerland. The route begins and ends in Chamonix, France and normally takes around 11 days to complete. There are accommodations located along the trail, from high-end hotels to dorm-style hostels.

travelfuntu - tour du mont blanc

Laugavegurinn, Iceland

Distance: 34 miles

Although Laugavegurinn tranlates to “Hot Spring Route”, this trail is more than that. This hike takes you through an expansive network of glaciers, actives volcanoes, lush valleys, and colorful mountains. There are 6 huts located along the trail in order to ease camping.

travelfuntu - Laugavegurinn

 El Camino del Rey, Spain

Distance: 472 miles

Walk on history by hiking the El Camino del Rey in Spain. The trail was once a Roman trade route and then later the path for Christian pilgrimmage. There are multiple starting points, but the trail ends at the Santiago de Compostela cathedral in Northern Spain. The French Way is the most scenic route. However, if you are looking for a shortened version follow the English Way (which is only 45 miles). There are many lodgings, villages and restaurants along the route. Therefore, you can pack light.

travelfuntu - el camino del rey

Knivskjellodden, Norway

Distance: 11.2 Miles

If you enjoy the trails but don’t consider yourself and extreme hiker, than this trail is for you. Knivskjellodden is only 11.2 miles and is located on the northernmost point of Europe. The rock terrain allows for a semi-challenging hike but with unique views. This hike must be done in the summer as it is covered in snow most other times of the year.

travelfuntu - Knivskjellodden, Norway