Most Scenic Train Rides In The United States

Trains are a great way to travel. With a variety of seat selections one can enjoy a relaxing journey while taking in the scenic views. Although trains may not be the fastest, these train ride’s view make it worth the extra time.

Cass Scenic Railroad (Cass, West Virginia)

Distance: Eight miles
Cost per ticket: $37

travelfuntu - cass train ride

West Virginia is not normally on many people’s traveling bucket list. However, it is home to one of the shorter but more scenic train rides in the country. Traveling only 8 miles this train rides offers amazing views of the surrounding mountains. The train travels up a mountain and ends at Whittaker Station, a restored logging camp. To get the most beautiful views, take this ride during the Fall, as the foliage is changing colors.

Grand Canyon Railway (Williams, Arizona to the Grand Canyon)

Distance: 130 miles round trip
Cost per ticket: $79

travelfuntu - grand canyon railway

The Grand Canyon is a spectacular sight from any angle. However, not only does this train ride give you spectacular views of the canyon (and surrounding areas), but also helpes you skip all the traffic heading in. Take the train from Williams, Arizona straight to the canyon to see the lush pine forests of Northern Arizona that turn into a rocky desert that is the Grand Canyon’s south rim.

Coast Starlight (Los Angeles, California to Seattle, Washington)

Distance: 1,377 miles
Cost per ticket: $120

travelfuntu - coast starlight

The Coast Starlight may be one of the most famous and most popular train rides in the United States. The train follows the Pacific Coast Highway (which can be a nightmare to drive on with traffic). If you remain on the whole line you can see the ocean crashing against beautiful cliffs, Oregon’s Cascade Mountains, the San Francisco Bay and much, much more.

Sunset Limited (New Orleans, Louisiana to Los Angeles, California)

Distance: 1,995 miles
Cost per ticket: $134

travelfuntu - sunset limited

This train ride offers the most spectacular views of desertscapes. The train travels from the Bayou in Louisiana through the deserts of West Texas, New Mexico and Arizona. There are several stops along the way, at national parks and nature reserves, if you would like to take a closer look at the passing views.