Airbnb Now Offering Lodging On Board The Blue Planet Research Vessel

Planet Earth: Blue Planet II aired in December of last year, and since then the Alucia—the boat used on the show for research—has become a household name among fans of the show. Now, the Alucia is listed as an available lodging on Airbnb. You can actually spend the night on the same research vessel used on the show, and you get your very own submarine trip!

According to the actual listing on the Airbnb website, you’ll essentially be a part of the research going on aboard the boat. You’ll be eating meals next to the crew and talking about the research going on. Aside from the unique experience of sleeping on board, guests will come away with unique knowledge about the ocean and its impact on the planet.

The rental consists of a three-day, two-night trip that starts in Cape Eleuthera in The Bahamas. Aside from the mingling with the crew, the biggest highlight of the experience is the two-hour dive in one of the ship’s two submersibles. Guests will dive down thousands of feet in the Atlantic Ocean—not exactly something you get with most other Airbnb listings!

Not surprisingly, competition for a spot on the ship is high, so if guests want a chance to stay on board they’ll need to submit a written answer to the following question:  “Tell us about your ideal deep sea adventure—what do you dream of exploring beneath the waves?”  Winners will be selected based on their answers, and three lucky folks will be selected to bring one additional guest on board. The package also includes round-trip airfare to the Bahamas, as well as travel insurance, meals, and additional Airbnb lodging before and after the actual boat voyage.

If you’re interested, here’s the actual Airbnb listing:  “With two submersibles, a helipad, the latest in technical diving, filming and scientific research equipment, as well as shipboard comforts, this is an expedition ship like no other. You will be sharing meals with the crew and observing and discussing their work. So come prepared for an active research trip during which you’ll gain in-depth knowledge about our ocean, its vital importance to the health of the planet, and the impact that humans are having on its survival.”