Best Vacation Destinations For Spotting Celebrities

Most of us plan our vacations using a specific set of criteria. We may be looking for some of the best beaches on the planet, the best nightlife or the best restaurants. When celebrities go on vacation, they normally look for the same things. If your goal in planning a vacation is to cross paths with a celebrity, here are some of the best vacation spots for spotting famous folks.


Hawaii is a great place to vacation if you’re hoping to spot a celebrity hanging out on the beach. From Kanye and Kim to Will Smith and Cameron Diaz, Hawaii’s eight islands are a hot spot for celebrity vacationers. To maximize your chances of catching a wave with McConaughey, try staying on the island of Kauai. Its 5-star resorts tend to see a lot of celebrity traffic.


Film stars are practically guaranteed to hit up Tokyo when promoting their new movies, but with nearly 9 million people in the city, it can be tough spotting one. Your best bet is to hit up Tokyo Disneyland, where many celebrities frequent when visiting the city.

Bedford, New York

If you can score a room at a local B&B in Bedford New York, you’ve got a good chance of spotting a celebrity while hitting the town. The town is only a tenth the size of New York City, and the population is just 17,335. Some of that population includes stars like Glenn Close, Martha Stewart, Ryan Reynolds, Michael Douglas and Richard Gere.

New Orleans

New Orleans is a pretty remarkable place, and that’s why many celebrities either live there year-round or have second homes in the city. Aside from potentially spotting celebrities like Sandra Bullock and John Goodman, who live there permanently, consider that NOLA usually sees more than 50 films each year shot within its limits. That’s a lot of celebrity traffic!


Toronto is a celebrity hotspot. The city usually sees at least 30 films and TV shows each year filmed in town, and the Toronto International Film Festival attracts some of the top Hollywood talents every year as a stopping point on the road to the Academy Awards.