Why Did This Famous Instagram Model Disappear?

The internet has changed so much about the world around us, but even in the early days of message boards and chat rooms, nobody could have guessed how much social media would revolutionize how we interact. One thing that has come about with the rise of social media has been internet celebrities on platforms like Instagram. We often know very little about these online sensations, and sometimes they disappear just as quickly as they came about.

Instagram Mystery Girl

Claire Abbott is definitely one such internet celebrity. From her humble beginnings as just another pretty girl posting photos on her Instagram account, Claire found herself finding fame almost overnight and racking up thousands of followers. She’s definitely one of those girls that even if you haven’t followed intentionally, you could see her face and realize that you’ve seen it somewhere before.

Why Did This Famous Instagram Model Disappear?

Story of Claire Abbott

When someone’s photos and image become so popular online that you don’t even have to seek them out in order to see them on a regular basis, it can definitely be a life-changing experience. Perhaps that sets the stage for Claire Abbott’s sudden popularity and even more sudden disappearance from the internet. Here’s more information about this stunning Instagram model and the story of her fame and disappearance.

Why Did This Famous Instagram Model Disappear?

Online Celebrities

These days, it seems that every beautiful woman (and a lot of men, too!) with an Instagram account is looking to become famous to a certain extent. You can see it in their poses, how they select the photos that they put up, and how they actively promote themselves online. However, this development is largely because of the success of Claire Abbott and others like her, who often became famous almost by accident.

Why Did This Famous Instagram Model Disappear?

Accidental Fame

Although Claire Abbott’s social media outlet of choice would eventually be Instagram, she actually had her first taste of fame on Facebook. It was on Facebook that she posted her first online photos of herself. The bikini photos weren’t a big deal to Claire, but the rest of the internet did not agree. Her photos spread from Facebook to the rest of the internet and everyone wanted to know more about the girl in them.

Just Go With It

Even without knowing Claire Abbott personally, you could probably guess that she was extremely surprised when a couple of bikini photos that she put on her Facebook account became somewhat of a sensation. Claire likely wasn’t sure what to do at first, but she ultimately decided to go with the flow and give the people what they wanted, which was obviously more photos of her.

Musically Inclined

While at first, Claire Abbott was only really on Facebook, the popularity of her photos made her rethink her social media presence. She smartly realized that social media could give her a great platform. This was especially true because Claire had already had aspirations of fame and fortune. However, her original goal was not to be a model of any sort, but instead a musician.

Why Did This Famous Instagram Model Disappear?

Expanding Her Presence

Claire clearly knew that she needed to do more than just have a Facebook account to satisfy the demand for additional photos and content of herself. She decided to spread her wings and not only create a presence on Instagram, but on other social networks, as well. By the time she was finished expanding her presence, she was on not only Facebook and Instagram, but YouTube and Twitter, too.

An Instant Hit

As expected from the initial reaction to her first photos, Claire Abbott’s expansion to other social media outlets was met with a lot of enthusiasm. She attracted thousands of followers right away on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. She was getting compliments and comments by the hundreds, especially from male admirers. Her photos were widely reposted and shared, which only helped her add to her follower count.

Why Did This Famous Instagram Model Disappear?

Not Just a Pretty Face

It would have been very easy for Claire to simply rely on her looks and beauty for fame. However, as an aspiring musician, Claire wanted to be known as more than just another pretty face. She decided that she would start posting not only photos of herself, but also lifestyle content, fashion advice, and other content. This particularly extended to her YouTube and Twitter accounts.

New Opportunities

Claire was excited to take her fame and use it to open doors in new areas. She approached 300,000 Instagram followers quickly and continued to post new photos and content quickly, as she noticed that regular updates boosted her follower growth. She wrote on one blog that what had begun as a hobby had blossomed into not only a part-time job but one that had provided her new opportunities.

Why Did This Famous Instagram Model Disappear?

Creepy Side of Fame

Although these days, many women do Instagram modeling as a part-time hobby or job, Claire Abbott was really one of the first to truly take advantage of the platform and make it work for her. Of course, when you attract that much attention, you’re bound to attract some overzealous fans. In Claire’s case, she would regularly get raunchy compliments and unsolicited marriage proposals. No thanks!

Why Did This Famous Instagram Model Disappear?

Giving Advice

One aspect of Claire’s personality that made her a hit was her down-home friendliness. She advised other aspiring social media celebrities to post photos that represent their true selves. In many of Claire’s photos, you can see that she’s not trying to be overly sexy but instead typifies the more fun “girl next door” quality. That approachable image was part of what helped her connect with her followers.

A Different Approach

Claire Abbott was more than happy to have legions of followers and attract thousands of likes and comments on each of her posts and videos. However, not everyone felt that way. Some, like Allison Stokke, were unhappy when their photos leaked and became something of a sensation. Claire decided to embrace it, and as a result, her fame skyrocketed even faster. Entire subreddits and fan pages were dedicated to her as a result.

Why Did This Famous Instagram Model Disappear?

Partying Hard

Internet celebrity is a funny thing, in that it seems that those who have hit fame and fortune on outlets such as Instagram and YouTube end up getting together. In 2015, Claire Abbott was seen in photos partying with fellow social media star Dan Bilzerian and was even rumored to be seeing him for a brief time. The rumors were never confirmed, but you have to wonder!

Why Did This Famous Instagram Model Disappear?

Who’s Dan Bilzerian?

Dan Bilzerian is also a famous social media figure, but not for the reasons Claire Abbott was. Bilzerian is known for being quite rich and using his money to live an unapologetically crazy lifestyle. He spends his days hanging out with models, playing on jet skis, and showing off his possessions and adventures on his Instagram and Snapchat accounts. He claims that he made most of his money playing poker, but rumors persist that he also inherited quite a bit of his fortune.

Why Did This Famous Instagram Model Disappear?

Mainstream Media Coverage

In the past, mainstream media outlets and magazines focused on famous actresses and models that had walked runways in fashion shows or modeled swimsuits for Sports Illustrated. With Claire’s popularity, everything changed, and magazines such as Maxim were forced to take notice. In June of 2016, Maxim featured a post about Claire online, and it was quickly shared thousands of times.

Why Did This Famous Instagram Model Disappear?

Helping the Guys Out

Although Claire was always known mostly for her good looks and stunning photos, she always wanted to branch out into fashion, music, and other areas that depended on more than just her appearance. She would even occasionally give fashion advice to men! She once told men that whether they dressed up in a suit or in jeans, that proper fit was essential. She also said that guys shouldn’t be afraid to try new trends and styles.

Why Did This Famous Instagram Model Disappear?

Sense of Perspective

Instagram models and other online celebrities are interesting because much of their past is often a mystery. This is certainly true of Claire Abbott. However, she would occasionally reveal little tidbits that would give insight into her pre-fame life. She once told an interviewer that she wished when she was younger that she had not worried about “getting invited to that big party.” Was Claire not so popular back in her high school days?

Why Did This Famous Instagram Model Disappear?

What Claire Likes

When men get a chance to get opinions from a beautiful woman, they often want to know what she likes or dislikes. This may help them to make a great impression on a similar girl if they meet one in the streets. Claire loved to share her opinions and told guys that she wasn’t a fan of turtlenecks, among other things. She said that if guys wanted to emulate a male celebrity, they should mimic the style of Ryan Gosling.

Why Did This Famous Instagram Model Disappear?

Claire Shares Her Favorites

Claire Abbott was always pretty happy to share new things about her with her followers on Instagram and other social networks. She revealed that she loved ice cream so much that she could eat it every day, for instance. She also said that when it comes to music, her favorite song was Allen Stone’s “Unaware.” Despite her connection with her followers, at some point fame had started to become a bit of a burden on Claire.

Why Did This Famous Instagram Model Disappear?

Claire’s Vanishing Act

Just as suddenly as she broke out onto the scene, Claire Abbott simply vanished from social media. Her Instagram account, with hundreds of thousands of followers, was deactivated without explanation or announcement. A similar fate followed for her Twitter account. While her Facebook account and YouTube channel remained up, she has not updated her Facebook fan page since December of 2016.

Why Did This Famous Instagram Model Disappear?

Fans Wanted More

With Claire gone all of a sudden, her devoted fans and followers still wanted to see more of her. Knowing this, a number of copycats decided to post fake accounts using Claire Abbott’s identity in order to trick her fans into following the new accounts. However, none of the supposed “official” accounts included anything but reposted old photos. Her fans were obviously not pleased.

Why Did This Famous Instagram Model Disappear?

Speculation Abounds

Whenever something big happens, and there is no official explanation, people feel tempted just to make things up. This was certainly true of Claire Abbott’s puzzling disappearance from social media. Some believed that inappropriate photos of Claire’s had leaked, but there was never any evidence of this being true. It was more likely that Claire quit because she wanted to focus on her music, and getting “likes” just for being pretty wasn’t going to help her reach her goals.

Why Did This Famous Instagram Model Disappear?

Musical Goals

Although Claire Abbott wanted to eventually write and perform her own songs, many of her most popular videos on YouTube consisted of her performing covers of other artists’ songs. Many of those videos can still be found today. She did perform her own songs on occasion, though. In 2012, she performed an original song called “Fighter” and posted it on YouTube, collecting over 300,000 views.

Why Did This Famous Instagram Model Disappear?

The Girl Who Has It All?

On the outside, Claire seemed to have it all. She was beautiful, she had admirers all over the world, and she was using her fame to create a future for herself. However, there was more going on than meets the eye. She once posted a photo of herself in the hospital, explaining that she had been struggling with mental issues for years. Anxiety, borderline bipolar disorder, and severe depression were among her maladies.

Why Did This Famous Instagram Model Disappear?


Although Claire wasn’t the first woman to earn attention for her looks and photos on Instagram, she was certainly one of the first to really run with it the way that she did. Since her rise to internet fame, many others have tried to follow in her footsteps. Today, many women have racked up thousands and thousands of Instagram followers, although most of them don’t have any real fame outside of their immediate fan bases.

Why Did This Famous Instagram Model Disappear?

Monetizing Instagram Fame

One thing that is available to today’s Instagram models that wasn’t really an option when Claire was famous is monetization. Instagram models are now given all kinds of free merchandise or even paid to advertise products in their photos and videos. Meanwhile, YouTube personalities can often earn huge sums of money due to the advertisements that play before their videos.

Why Did This Famous Instagram Model Disappear?

Marketers Help Create Instagram Stars

It may seem silly for companies to pay thousands of dollars or more to Instagram celebrities who are only famous for putting up sexy photographs of themselves, but it makes a lot of sense from a marketing perspective. Advertisers can use social media influencers to bypass challenges such as ad blocking software while passing along their product’s message through relatable individuals that have followers who trust them.

Why Did This Famous Instagram Model Disappear?

Pros and Cons of Fame

Would-be Instagram celebrities who want to follow in Claire’s footsteps can learn a lot from her success. It’s important to provide content that goes beyond just pretty photos into areas such as fitness, food, fashion, and lifestyle topics. However, it’s also important to keep in mind that fame isn’t something you can turn on and off. Social media can easily start overwhelming your life when you have thousands or millions of followers.

Why Did This Famous Instagram Model Disappear?

What Will Claire Do Next?

Not many people who have fame and potential fortune in the palm of their hand simply throw it away willingly. It’s only natural to wonder what the next chapter in Claire Abbott’s story might be. Will she come back to social media in any capacity? Will she find the success she was looking for in music? Will she settle for a normal life and live in anonymity? We will have to wait and see what happens next.

Why Did This Famous Instagram Model Disappear?