How To Be Really Tall And Still Be Comfortable On A Plane

Even those of us who are average height can attest to just how uncomfortable it can sometimes be to travel on an airplane. Most coach-class cabins are anything but roomy. For folks who are above average height, the uncomfortableness is multiplied. If you happen to be a tall traveler, we’ve got some tips that might just help get through your next flight without having to twist yourself into a pretzel like some circus contortionist.

First off, do whatever you can, short of illegal activities, to score a seat in the coveted emergency exit row. It provides the most legroom on the plane. However, they’re not all that easy to get because, well, everyone else wants them, too. But here’s the thing, the airlines usually purposely leave one or two of them open for each flight. Here’s how to see if you can snag one. Your first step is to ask the ticket agent when you’re checking in if they have any of the emergency row seats available. If they do, they can probably upgrade you, but there’s a good chance you’ll have to pay an additional fee at that point. If you don’t mind forking over the extra dough, go for it. However, if you don’t want to pay extra, all hope is not lost. In that case, give it another shot once you reach your gate.

Once at the gate, talk to another agent at the counter. It’s a matter of walking up and looking as tall as you can and explaining to the agent that you are, in fact, tall and would appreciate a seat in the emergency row if they have any available. The key here is to be nice and not try this particular move when the agent has just had to handle six angry passengers in a row. Remember, you’re shooting for a “free” upgrade here. If you’re still striking out, all you can do is hope that a traveler who already booked a seat in the emergency row misses the flight, then ask if you can be moved once on the plane.

The last tip we have has nothing to do with trying to snag a seat in the exit row or paying extra for a first-0class ticket. It’s actually a tip what we’ve covered before. Prior to booking your ticket, head over to This website allows you to look at just about every seat on every plane from every major airline and view pros and cons in terms of comfortability. It will literally ensure that you’re booking the absolute most comfortable seat that you can possibly find.