Travel Spotlight: Las Vegas

Ah, Sin City. For years, Las Vegas has been one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world. From the Casinos and entertainment to the climate and lifestyle, Vegas has plenty of reasons to stay on your list of travel goals. We’re sure you’ve heard of Las Vegas and have an idea of what the city is about, but if you’ve never been (or it’s been a while) we’ll help you out by giving you the rundown on where to stay, where to eat, and what to do.

Where To Stay

The Cosmopolitan

Picking a top hotel in Las Vegas is next to impossible. There are literally hundreds of options. In fact, the hotels are one of the reasons you should visit Vegas multiple times in your life. While there are plenty of classic properties that we could recommend, the top spot right now has got to go to The Cosmopolitan. It’s got some of the best stuff Vegas has to offer. The best restaurants, the best people-watching opportunities, and some of the best rooms in the city. The beds are insanely comfortable and the rooms are big, and in a town that’s known for its visitors getting little sleep, any little bit you do catch needs to be high-quality.

Where To Eat

Jean-Georges Steakhouse

Picking a top restaurant is just as hard as picking a hotel in Vegas. You can literally find about every type of food in the world in the city at any hour of the day. So, we’ve decided to pick something classic, but also kind of new, and also a great place for wine and romance, and…well, the attributes are pretty endless. Vegas was built on the steakhouse, and Jean-Georges is one of the best in the city. It’s also a top pick when you want a low-key, romantic dinner for two. The restaurant has amazing steak options, in all cuts. They’re particularly proud of their Wagyu and Kobe options. They also boast an 800-bottle wine list, and the staff is amazing at recommending both a cut of steak and a wine pairing.

What To Do

Exotics Racing VIP Experience

We’re not going to recommend any of the obvious choices because we know you’re going to experience them anyway. You’ll visit the casinos, check out the fountains at the Bellagio, and do some serious shopping. For our pick, we suggest you take an afternoon and head over to Exotics Racking VIP Experience. There, you can take a driving class with a professional race instructor as you whip around a track in some of the world’s most expensive and fastest sports cars.