Most Beautiful Gardens Around The World

Spring is a wonderful season. Around the globe, flowers begin to bloom adding amazing colors and pleasant smells to the outdoors. Countries around the world have created an oasis for those who love the beauty of these flowers. Stop and smell the roses at these beautiful gardens around the world.

Claude Monet’s Garden, France

Travelfuntu - Monet's Garden
Most Beautiful Gardens Around The World

Claude Monet’s Gardens are exactly what you think they would be, with pops of color,  very romantic, and slightly disorganized. Monet actually lived on the countryside property for over 43 years. He spent his days painting and carefully cultivating his subject, his garden. The garden is divided into several flowerbeds which creates a diversity of volume and height. The garden also boats fruit and ornamental trees, which create even more depth. The central path of the garden is covered by iron arches with climbing roses. The garden is open to visitors from March to November.

Dubai Miracle Garden, United Arab Emirate

Travelfuntu - Dubai Miracle Garden
Most Beautiful Gardens Around The World

The Dubai Miracle Garden, in India, opened its gates on Valentine’s Day in 2013. The vividly colored garden expands over 72,000 square meters and features 109 million planted flowers. The outdoor garden was designed so each patch of flowres contributes to a larger design. One of the main features is the world’s largest indoor butterfly sanctuary, which houses over 15,000 butterflies from 26 species. The garden is open from October to April.

Keukenhof Garden, The Netherlands

Travelfuntu - Keukenhof Garden
Most Beautiful Gardens Around The World

The Keukenhof Gardens, in the Netherlands, is home to over 75,000 tulips, which includes 600 varieties of the flower. The tulips, set along a stream, and to a backdrop of trees and green grasses, create a sea of bright, beautiful colors. It is the second largest flower garden on Earth, only second to the Dubai Miracle Gardens. The garden is only open in the Spring for visitors.

Biltmore House & Gardens, U.S.A.

Travelfuntu - Biltmore House & Gardens
Most Beautiful Gardens Around The World

The famed, and very rich family, The Vanderbilts, once owned this garden and luxurious estate. The Biltmore estate’s  was originally designed by landscape architect, Frederick Law Olmsted. The grounds which now include acres of formal and informal garden design is worked on year-round to the preserve the vision of Olmsted. The gardens include a Rose Garden that features more than 250 varieties of roses. The garden also recently installed solar panels for sustainability and is looked at as the model of forest conservation.

Byodoin Temple, Kyoto

Travelfuntu - Byodoin Temple
Most Beautiful Gardens Around The World

The Byodoin Temple, located in Kyoto, Japan, was originally created for powerful politician, Michinaga Fujiwara. However, today it is a widely visited tourist attraction and is known for its picturesque landscape with cascading wisteria flowers. The Temple is now, although still beautiful, just a backdrop to the gardens. The wisteria, here, are said to be 0ver 250-years-old.