Here Are The Top First-Class Cabins Across Every Major Airline

For many travelers, the only way to fly is to surround yourself with the luxuries of a first-class cabin. Flying first-class will make you a member of an elite group of travelers that is generally the envy of everyone else on your plane. If you’ve never traveled first-class, perhaps you’ve been saving up points to make your next trip special. Or, maybe you’re just willing to spend the extra dough on a first-class ticket. But, how do you know which airlines offer the best first-class cabins!  The answer is simple—just keep reading!

Etihad Airways

The undisputed king of first-class cabin experiences is currently on board a flight from Etihad Airways. While most of us would consider any cabin that gives you a bed that folds down completely to be a pretty extravagant experience, that’s not even close to what you get with Etihad. The Etihad Residence flies between Abu Dhabi and other select cities. It doesn’t just offer you a bed during your flight, this experience comes with a three-room apartment!  You get your very own bedroom with a double bed, a bathroom, and a separate living room. However, this particular first-class experience also comes with a first-class price tag. A one-way ticket aboard the Etihad Residence from JFK airport in New York to Abu Dhabi will cost you around $25,000.


You’ll notice a trend going here, as our second top pick for first-class cabins also belongs to an airline that hails from Dubai. The experience onboard the Emirates flights includes not only your own private berth with a bed, but also wine and champagne, caviar, stationery for writing letters, and even a shower so you can freshen up before you arrive at your destination.


Lufthansa’s first-class experience begins before the plane ever leaves the ground. The airline offers a lounge for its first-class passengers that comes with everything from an amazing dinner menu to a bathroom with an actual bathtub for passengers. When your flight arrives, you’re driven to the aircraft in a Mercedes or Porsche. Once on the plane, you’ll be given a pair of fancy pajamas, slippers, and a cocktail menu containing top-shelf caviar and booze. To top it off, each first-class guest is greeted with a fresh cut rose.